Employer FAQ

Our registration fee helps us to continue supporting our non-profit event . It also  allows us to keep improving this amazing initiative and provide the support needed for our patrons.

The cost to register varies depending if you are a national or regional employer. The registration cost for a national employer is $500 and $100 for a regional employer.

Year over year as we have garnered more attention, we have had more employers and service providers join our job fair each year with a total of 100+ employers joining us thus far.

12pm – 5pm Eastern| 11am – 4pm Central | 10am – 3pm Mountain | 9am – 2pm Pacific

We have an amazing pool of candidates looking for work with last year have over 3000+ job seekers.

The job fair typically runs for about 5 hours, with in-person and virtual options.

Autism-Friendly Hiring and Retention Practices

In the job posting, avoid qualifications that are not essential to the job:


• Waive previous job experience and education requirements in favour of demonstrated aptitudes and skills

• Replace interview with informal meeting and skills assessment or consult with an expert to modify your interview process

• If an interview is a must, provide:

     o When, where, with who & dress code

     o Permission to request adjustments

     o Interview questions or examples of the types of questions that will be asked

     o Practice papers/assignments to assess technical ability

• Have workstation and accommodations ready

• Assign team mentor

• Educate staff about ASD

• Plan the first day – who, what, when, where, how

• Revisit harassment & bullying policies

• Provide hours, breaks, dress code, and facilities information

First day, provide:

• Workplace tour

• Introductions

• Policies and procedures

• Introduction to job and assignments


Probationary Period, provide:

• Job training

• Job coaching

• Clear work assignments

• Performance expectations

• Clear feedback

• Autism coaching and support to team

• Flexibility to take breaks and release stress

• As much advance notice as possible when introducing change

• Access to coaching and support:

     – Autistic individual – job coaching

     – Team and HR – Autism training and support

• Performance Reviews:

     – Set specific expectations; career goals; and training

     – Provide assurance if performing to expectations

     – Provide reminders of what the expectations are

• Career Growth and Internal Transfers:

     – Provide information and access to career paths and how to progress

     – Provide temporary assignments into other teams and fellowships for potential internal transfers

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