Virtual APRIL 14, 2023

We aim to break the stigmas associated with autistic job seekers contributing to the workforce.



Engage, Employ, Empower

In April 2017, as part of Autism Awareness Month, we created the world’s first-ever job fair with some of Canada's top employers interacting with neurodiverse job seekers. We aim to continue breaking the stigma associated with neurodivergent individuals contributing to the workforce


April 14, 2023 12pm - 5pm EST


Virtual Fair on the Remo platform with support from the Autism Asperger's Friendship Society of Calgary.


2800+ people living with ASD attended our job fair seeking employment and are joined by notable employers and service providers who believe in our mission.

How do I register?

Please fill out our sign up form to register for the event.


Event Participants

Why a Virtual Hiring Fair?

Spectrum Works recognizes and respects the importance of restricting in-person events. However, we still want to contribute to our goal of providing an event to increase employment opportunities for autistic job seekers.

Hosting a virtual event allows us:


         1. To scale the event across Canada, enabling us to reach more communities                   outside major Canadian cities.


          2. To mitigate in-person crowds and situations that may be stressful for those                   who experience social anxiety or sensory overload.

Virtual Events
Table to table movement
No zoom fatigue
More 1:1 human interaction

Why Hire People Who Are Neurodiverse?

✓ Rule abiding                            ✓ Ability to spot deviances

✓ Results-driven                        ✓ Minimal assumptions or biases

✓ Talent for detail                      ✓ Heightened pattern recognition   

✓ Out-of-the-box thinking     

✓ Focused concentration       

✓ Perseverance and tenacity

✓ Productive; can perform equal to or better than their peers (up to 140%)

✓ Anticipate market changes

✓ Meet or exceed financial targets

✓ Increase innovation and creativity

✓ Improve company image and reputation

✓ Contribute to improved social agenda

✓ Increase company and team perspectives

✓ Improve morale and employee engagement

✓ Better problem solving and decision making

Participating Employers

Participating Service Providers

Job Skill Workshops

We want all the job seekers who attend our event to have the best chance possible at obtaining meaningful employment. We aid you every step of the way from best practices to pre-recorded webinars.

Resume/Employment Consulting

We have created both a resume building booth and an interview prep booth with a pre-recorded video, as well as a live attendant, to assist with any questions surrounding building a good resume.

Networking Opportunities

Our event will give you the opportunity to not only gain meaningful employment - but also make meaningful connections. Join virtual conversation rooms and potentially make a friend or two, or even create your own room highlighting specific topics of conversation around things that interest you.

Justin Trudeau

“When Given the opportunity people living with Autism can be thoughtful, hardworking and diligent employees…” - P.M. Justin Trudeau

Service Providers

We host many Community Service Providers from across Canada. These Service Providers are specifically aimed at employment in the autistic community and offer a vast array of support programs that can help autistic job seekers.

Live Virtual Interviews Meetings

You will have the opportunity to meet your potential new employer on live stream! Ask questions and get immediate responses about that specific company, as well as the job opportunities they have available.