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Spectrum Works Timeline






Our First Virtual Fair


First Spectrum Works Fair


Spectrum Works was Born



Event Milestones – Timeline visual highlighting major milestones from the conception of the job fair to present. 


  • The idea of Spectrum works was born – When was this?
  • 2017 first Spectrum Works Job Fair – where that was held, notable statistics about event
  • First virtual Spectrum Works fair
  • In 2019, Spectrum Works job fairs were attended by approximately 1,000 autistic people actively looking for employment. There are 40 support groups and 40 employers at these events to support and help autistic job seekers. Garnered over 50 million unique media impressions with 163 news articles by 86 media outlets.
  • In 2021, Spectrum Works job fairs were attended by approximately 1200 attendees from all 10 provinces and the Yukon Territories with 366 Resumes Submitted and Over 16,000 Employer Visits/Interactions.
  • (can also find info on when they started in Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary) 
  • In 2022, we garnered 198 pieces of coverage with an earned media total of 33,767,567 total unique views. That is an increase of 219% in earned pieces from the 62 pieces of earned coverage in 2021 and 126% increase in reach (2021 reach of 14,967,187).